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People that is already in their age of 30 or people that are younger than 30 will surely think that comparing twitter likes and Facebook likes will be totally useless. But to think of it, the two of the, twitter likes and Facebook likes is completely similar but not the same. It is very interesting to know their specific differences. First is what are the other things that facebook and twitter are different with each other first. Facebook usually associate with people and twitter usually connects or associate with some ideas and topic. The very common thing that separates the two is in facebook you can already write a book while on the other side, twitter you have a limit of 140. So with the twitter likes and Facebook likes, the word likes are different from each other. In Facebook, yes it is called like but in twitter, it is called favorite. Facebook is some kind of typical social network where you will maintain a certain profile to be connected  with you friends. But in twitter, it is really popular because of it blogging characteristic. And facebook is released first because it is released in 2004 and while twitter is released in 2006. In facebook, it’s Like, Comment and Share but in twitter it is Reply, Retweet and Favorite. It is very hard to compare twitter likes and facebook likes. Why? Because the two of the almost have the same features and everyting. It’s like comparing coke with pepsi, coffee with tea and everything. Facebook is like and sweet lady that is old that everyone likes and love. Just like facebook. Everyone also loves to use it almost everyday. While twitter likes is someone that usually who likes to pretend. Its a little hipster that usually likes to talk and talk and gossip. They do love and like Twitter, But people usually find it a hard time to share thing with twitter because of it 140 limit of characters.


Why would we compare two things that are alike? To let everyone know their certain differences. And to let everyone see their certain self worth. Facebook is good in its own way and also with twitter, good in its own way. What is the conclusion? Both site, Facebook and twitter is social linking. But in these days there are self brands. Facebook and twitter’s platform is good for brand promotion and advertising. Facebook is more popular for young people mostly the millennial but twitter, on the other side, it is popular for the famous personalities, for some politicians, for some celebrities and many more to share and give their thoughts or their view for the certain audiences that they have. And lastly, In Facebook it is the word like is used while on twitter likes the word favorite is used. So do not worry if you are not using one of the two social media app, at least you already know what are the certain uses and differences of the two.

How twitter likes helps you boost your business.


The social media app twitter has changed the old kind of favorite icon and changed it into a certain like button with a heart shape. To make it all simple, the certain twitter app has a certain heart icon which is for likes and it is a good thing to help you give other users of this certain app a kind of gratitude or a kind of acknowledgment, to give point to their post just like saying that you like their posts and you like what they are saying.  But this certain app called twitter, is not just for connecting with your friends, not only for making other people appreciated, not only for posting things that you feel or certain things that is in your head. But this certain twitter likes can also boost your particular corporation.


First is you can show some approval and some agreement. This twitter like button is is used just like how like buttons are used in other particular social media network like Facebook and Instagram. This is to show that you really like and you really support the certain message that the user posted. This like button can be a simple response to a certain funny joke, it can also be a reply to a certain fact that you agree with, but there is something that you do not like that much that it can come to the point that you will not just like it but also you will broadcast it to other and retweet it so it can be on your timeline. Liking some tweets can also help you save some king or statements, facts or articles that you want to go back to. Trying to find a particular thing on twitter that you need is a lot stressful and can consume you a lot of time. The certain amount of distraction and barriers on your certain homepage can make those thing a lot more impossible to find or to locate the certain great article that you saw a few moments that have passed. This is why the like feature is invented so that when you will like a certain tweet it will automatically be saved into your favorites so that you are not going to have a hard time on locating, on searching, and finding things that you want to have a recap with.

Next is it can suggest some other users to follow your account. Some other people who use the like feature can help them make you follow them. This is used by certain spammers to boost their certain amount of following. This is a big desire of users to have a huge amount of followers on twitter, but some people who get these certain doings can lead to broadcasting a lot of marketing kind of messages. The app twitter is not about the quantity of followers, following, likes or retweet. It is about building different kinds of relationships between different kind of people in different kind of places.


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