Line Dance Fun ©2008 Doris Volz

Paul McAdam (Crazy Foot Mambo) 'performing'
Dancin' Feet
(1995 Susan & Harry Brooks) first line dance written to 'hip hop' music.
Halfway in the video he cuts loose ..the reason WHY we attend his workshops!
In the video clip Paul McAdam just taught Dancin' Feet to Beach Boys/Fat Boys. This dance/music was played in the Country Western bars in the mid 1990's in the midwest where I first learned this dance. The Fat Boys were an American hip-hop music trio from New York City who teamed up w/The Beach Boys in the 80's to sing Wipe Out. I remember that the dancers RAN to the floor when they heard the musical intro...what a trip down memory lane!
You can read about the choreographers on their signed orignal sheet. I brought the dance back to the bay area in 1997. We danced it to Super Love at the Horseshoe Club in Sunnyvale.


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