A Line Dance Time Line © 0902/0204 Doris Volz, CA,USA
Terry Hogan is a gifted dancer and choreographer who shares his line dance time line below. He is also a very funny entertainer!
Terry spent hundreds of hours of hard work and planning & had a brillant staff of on site volunteers to keep the energy flowing and the dancers dancin' at his successful Sunshine Classic 2002 held in Toowoomba! Sunday was a fabulously phenomenal finale and farewell celebration. Thanks Mr. T for giving us perfect memories that will last our lifetime! A report from Terry Hogan's last Sunshine Classic. The report from the 2001 Sunshine Classic.


1989 was drawing to a close and I was dreading returning home to Brisbane after almost a year in the United States as, apart from the fact that I was a little homesick, I had become totally addicted to Country Dancing while I was living and working there, and was depressed at the thought that I would not be able to dance six and seven nights a week as I had been doing all these months.

I was delighted to hear upon arrival home that Country dancing had started in my absence at a club in Brisbane, so the very first Sunday I was home I headed off to The Terminus, a gay club in Fortitude Valley, where I was told it was all happening. I’m not sure what I expected but it certainly wasn’t very similar to what I had been experiencing both in style and atmosphere, and the dance floor was about 1/20th the size of the one I was used to in San Francisco. Nevertheless I enjoyed the night and meeting new people and decided to return the following week. Being a small crowd (crowd being probably the wrong word as I guess there were about 20 people), everyone knew that I had been dancing in the US and I was asked to teach a dance that I knew. The reaction was positive and the following week I taught another, and that’s how it started. Time is a little fuzzy here, but it was only a few months later when I was approached by the manager and asked to run the Sunday nights – both as DJ and teacher.  Gradually numbers increased, and we became a bunch of hard-core dancers who thought we were clever when we could add a full turn to a vine.

It shows how much the whole scene has evolved when I remember how Bootscootin’ Boogie was considered to be one of the harder dances, and one of my first attempts at choreography, the dance Zig Zag, was such a hard dance that many of the dancers took three weeks to get it, and people would have to sit down because they were getting dizzy from the direction changes – these days what I called my Upper beginners can do it with no problems!!  When I think back on those dances, they had very few turns, usually just ¼ to face a new wall, very few steps, (none that I can think of had more than 32 beats) and tags and restarts were unheard of, and yet we all thought they were hard – how times have changed!!!!

Sunday nights continued and a group of us started going to suburban pubs on nights that featured country bands which were becoming popular at the time. We used to squeeze onto the dance floors whenever room allowed and a song that was suitable for dancing came on and invariably an interested crowd would be watching and inquiries came as to where lessons were held. Sunday numbers grew to an uncomfortable size for our little dance floor until one of the students, Yvonne Hampson, also a rock and roll teacher, informed me that she had approached Chardon’s Hotel and they were keen for me to start classes there. This was a totally unexpected step, to move away from teaching a small circle of friends and I was more than a little nervous about the whole thing, but the night proved to be fun and the small crowd not too intimidating at all. Each week numbers grew, and as this was all happening at the end of 1992 and coincided with the phenomenon that was Achy Breaky heart, suddenly there were over 100 people at this little class.

For those students who have come into the scene in the last 5 years or so, I should try to describe the situation because it is vastly different to the one we have in Australia almost everywhere these days. In those early days of line dancing, almost every class that I can think of, was taught in a pub or club and I thought that a hotel or bar was the only place to learn, that being where I had learned in the US, so the small crowded dance floors, many vinyl or tiled were part of most classes. 

Try to imagine this; my class at Chardon’s, once numbers grew, was split into two parts, one on ‘my’ floor, about 12 feet square with a wall immediately behind it, and the other a little larger but able to spill onto the carpet on either side and behind it. I hired one of my students to stand in front of the other floor for the dancers on that floor to follow, because this floor was at the other end of the room and also faced me. I did all the talking and teaching for both floors and relied on signals from my assistant to tell me if there were problems on her floor, as I couldn’t really see those dancers very well. My assistant and I both taught on portable platforms, mine about 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, hers three times that size (I got stuck with the small one because I had to be close to the DJ booth to operate the music). The platform was only about a foot high so the students at the back had no chance at all of seeing my feet, and many informed me that they were greatful I always wore my hat!!. Dancers today complain if they don’t have at least a metre of space on either side at class -  in those days they were greatful if they had a foot!!

 I also regularly taught partner dancers at these classes and we would move all the tables and chairs and dance right around the perimeter of the room across carpet or whatever. Despite these cramped, very unsuitable conditions we had a lot of fun and numbers continued to grow so the owners of the hotel offered me another night in another of their hotels followed very soon by another on the other side of town, so that before I really knew what I was doing I was teaching four nights a week as well as holding down a job and trying to do all the demonstrations that were being offered.

 It was a big decision to throw in the ‘real’ job I had at the time to teach line dancing especially when I believed that it wouldn’t last, but financially and emotionally it was very rewarding and I couldn’t continue to do both,  so I made the jump and became the first full time instructor in Australia.

That year during the Christmas break, I decided to attend an International competition in South Carolina, the first of many as it turned out. Extremely apprehensive, and feeling like a very small fish in a very big pond I was surprised to be treated very kindly by everyone - I think most were fascinated to meet an Australian and discover that we knew what line dancing was!! During the three day event, I attended every possible workshop and tried to see everything that was happening to the point of exhaustion, and got to meet famous names like Jo Thompson, Michele Perron, Bill Bader & Scott Blevins, some who were not known in Australia at that time. Introducing dances by these choreographers back home, and more importantly seeing their teaching techniques and styles helped me greatly, and when I was invited to come back the following year as one of these featured instructors I was more than a little overwhelmed, but I was there, and proud to be the first Australian Instructor to be invited to teach at a large International event. At that second event I also had 45 Australians in tow on my Country Dance Tour of the United States which was also the very first Australian country dance tour. I made another ‘first list’ at the event when I entered one of my dances in the choreography section and took first place.

This was my introduction to the American dancers, choreographers and Instructors, some who have become very close friends and have continued to treat me so well and share their experience during the years I was teaching. I have always looked forward to attending these events in the US to catch up with these friends as well as learn new dances and skills, and the Golden Gate Classic run by my good buddy Charlotte Skeeters has become a very important part of my dancing year, and it gives me much satisfaction to know that I have enticed so many other Australians to venture to these events.

As the line dance craze started to take over here in Australia and so many of my former students started their own classes, and almost every city having it’s own group, the ‘Workshop Experience’ began. Tracie & Mark of Southern Cross Linedancers in Sydney, invited me to teach special weekend classes several times and then, again totally surprisingly, offers began coming from so many places that in one three month period I was only home for one weekend! I am not exaggerating when I report that quite often I would fly in to a city - be collected from the airport and taken to a hall - do a workshop for however many hours (sometimes 6!) - have a brief meal and shower break before back to the hall for the evening social where I would revise the dances during the evening – to the motel to sleep – collected at 9 or 10am and taken to the airport. This was of course not always the case, but it was more often than not, and sometimes only by recognizing the airport would I  know where I was!  Although most people think that all this traveling is fun, and I have to admit for a while it was, it didn’t take long before I found I was totally exhausted, and felt it was affecting my classes in Brisbane, so I decided to cut back on these weekends away and limit the number of bookings I accepted so I could lead some semblance of a normal home life.

This past 13 years has been a full and interesting period in my life and I have gotten to make videos, teach on a cruise ship and in countries and cities I’m sure I would never otherwise have seen. I’ve done radio, television and newspaper interviews, published a newsletter magazine and written countless articles for others. I’ve judged and taught at events worldwide and run 4 very successful Sunshine State Classics of my own. I’ve been able to express my creativity by choreographing over 120 dances and watch young dancers mature and many gain confidence with my help. I have even been directly responsible through classes for a few romances and weddings, and even with all that I’m sure there are many other experiences that don’t immediately come to mind. I could also use much space listing the reasons that made me decide to stop teaching, but in brief I can say that I felt after such an exhausting and interesting 13 years it was time!

At the time of writing I still have a couple of workshops to do that had been booked before I decided to stop teaching, and I am not dismissing the chance that I may do another one or two if the offer comes along, so all is not totally finished as yet!  But, in the meantime I have great memories, good friends and a long list of interesting people and places to look back on, and I am happy to know that in many ways I was a pioneer of line dancing in Australia, certainly in Queensland, and the first to do so many of the things now common in the line dance industry – and almost all of it unplanned !!!  08/02 ~ Terry Hogan

-> Terry Hogan's choreography by year ...  steps are w/Dancin' Down Under and/or LineDanceFun.com

1992 Backtrack - Big Big Love (Molly & The Heymakers) - Last Chance - Honky Tonk Attitude (Joe Diffie) - New Western Waltz - The Dance (Ann Kirkpatrick)

1993 Drovers Sidestep - Son Of A Drover (Shane Hogan) - Sidewinder - Mountain Of Love (Molly & The Heymakers) - Zig Zag - Love's Got A Hold On You (Alan Jackson) - Tornado (Dec.) - I'm Ready If You're Willing (Chris Le Doux)

1994 Twister - Doin' Hard Time In The Dog House (Tim Ryan) - The Wrangler - Be My Baby Tonight (John MIchael Montgomery) - Girls Night Out - Girls Night Out (Gina Jeffries) - Badlands Boogie (Dec.) Boogie Till The Cows Come Home (Clay Walker) - Tanglefoot (Dec.) Live A Little (Mark Chesnutt)

1995 Santa Fe Swing - Dance In Circles (Tim Ryan) - Tulsa Slide (June) Don't Make Me Come To Tulsa (Wade Hayes) - Cimmaron W altz (Aug.) Walkin' Away (Clint Black) - Cowboys (Sept.) Cowboys Are My Weakness (Holly Dunn) - Roughrider (Sept.) I Can Do That (Woody Lee) - Rockabilly (Sept.) Rock A Billy (Holly Dunn) - Kicking Up Dust (Nov.) In The Middle Of A Little Love (Wesley Dennis)

1996 Walkabout (Jan.) Even If I Tried (Emilio) - Black & White Stomp (May) - Black & White Rag (Asleep At The Wheel) - Smooth Talker (May) Female Bonding (Brett James) - Going Strait (June) Overnight Male (George Strait) - Nightmare (June) On A Good Night (Wade Hayes) - Blue Moves (July) Blue (Leann Rimes) - Who Needs It (July) Who Needs You Baby (Clay Walker) - Check Please (Aug.) Check Please (Paul Jefferson) - About Face (Nov.) In Your Face (Ty Herndon)

1997 New Mexico Cha Cha (Feb.) Land Of Enchantment (Michael Martin Murphy) - Along For The Ride (Mar.) Ants On A Log (Randy Travis) - Too Easy Shuffle (May) Bad Day For The Blues (David Ball) - Divine Inspiration (June) Divine Intervention (Greg Holland) - Alligator Shoes (July) Baton Rouge (Lee Roy Parnell) - Black & White Cha Cha (July) Livin' In Black & White (Tracy Lawrence) - Me Too (Dec.) I Don't Understand My Girlfriend (Toby Keith) - Cuban Heels (Jan.) Cuba (K.T. Oslin) - Step By Step (Jan.) Early Hours (Felicity) - Sweet Temptation (Jan.) Lead Me Not (Lari White) - On Your Toes (Feb.) I'm Finding Out (Rhett Akins) - Looking Good (Apr.) The Way She's Looking (Raybon Brothers) - Easy Going (June) Of All The Hearts (Gary Allan)

1998 Heatin' Things Up (July) Burnin' The Roadhouse Down (Steve Wariner & Garth Brooks) - Kissing You Goodbye (Aug. w/Michael Barr) Basic Goodbye (Neal Mccoy) - Tequila Blues (Nov.) Straight Tequila (Trini Triggs) Too Much Fun (Nov.) Wine Women & Song (Patty Loveless)

1999 Just Do It (Mar.) That's What You Do (Lari White) - Straighten Up & Fly Right (Apr.) Straighten Up & Fly Right (Neal Mccoy) - Texas Polka (May) Texas Polka (Riders In The Sky) - Alright Already (May) That's Okay (Dwight Yoakum) - All Nighter (May) Rosie (Darren Coggan) - Completely (July w/Thomas O'dwyer) Completely (Neal Mccoy) - It Ain't You (July) It Ain't You (Tamika Kellehear) - Slowing Down (July) Slow Poke (Tom Morrell & The Timewarp Tophands) - Wrapped Up (July) Me & Maxine (Sammy Kershaw) - Wrapped Up (partner) (July) Me & Maxine (Sammy Kershaw) - Ready For Anything (Aug.) Bring It On (Rosie Flores) - Them's The Rules (Sept.) Swing (Joni Harms) - Dancin' As Fast As I Can (Jan.) Dance All Our Troubles Away (Becky Hobbs) - Messin' Round (Jan.) Red Lips Blue Eyes Little White Lies (w/Justine Shuttleworth) (Gary Allan) - Okie Boogie (Jan.) Okie Boogie (Tom Morrell & The Timewarp Tophands) - Out There Swingin' (Jan.) Emmett (Tom Morrell & The Timewarp Tophands) - Border Crossing (Jan.) Horse To Mexico (Trini Triggs) - Bandera Waltz (Oct.) Bandera Waltz (Tom Morrell & The Timewarp Tophands) - Riding The Rails (Nov.) Tattoos Of Life (Steve Wariner) - Think Quick (Nov.) Who Did You Cal Darlin; (Heather Myles) - Too Good To Be True (Dec.) I Didn't Know (Shane Stockton) - Second Time 'Round (Dec.) I'm Gonna Change Everything (Mandy Barnett)

2000 Direct Hit (Jan.) Hit By Love (Lila Mccann) - Don't Need A Reason (Jan.) I'll Think Of A Reason Later (Lee Ann Womack) - Look Me Up (Jan.) If You're Ever Down In Dallas (Lee Ann Womack) - Time Warp Two Step (Jan.) Sioux City Sue (Tom Morrell & The Timewarp Tophands) - Believe It (Feb.) You Better Believe It (w/Justine Shuttleworth) (Jason Sellers) - Fatal Attraction (Feb.) I'm Gonna Love You Anyway (Trace Adkins) - Monkey Business (Feb.) Monkey Around (Ddelbert Mcclinton) - Thursday's Cha Cha (Feb.) Choo Choo Cha Cha (The Rinky Dinks) - Caught In The Act - (Feb.) All Hat No Cattle (Trace Adkins) - Change Of Heart (Feb.) I Keep Forgetting (Lee Ann Womack) - Going Crazy (Apr.) I Love Him I Think (Helen Darling) - Black & White & Blue (June) Black & White Blue (Helen Darling) - Choo Choo Cha (June) Choo Choo Cha Cha (The Rinky Dinks) - Live It Up (June) Let's Live It Up (w/Simon Ward) (Paul Brandt) - Flying Leap (July) Leap Of Faith (Delbert Mcclinton) - Kick The Habit (July) I Can Dig It (Trace Adkins) - Last Laugh (Aug.) Who's Laughing Now (Ricky Van Shelton) - One More Time (Aug.) One More Time (Adam Brand) - Dance With Me (Sept.) You With Me (Anita Cochran) - Me Neither (Sept.) Me Neither (Brad Paisley) - Don't Ask (Oct.) Lonely Too (Lee Ann Womack) - Friendship (Oct.) Friendship (Ray Charles & Ricky Scaggs) - Here's Hoping (Dec.) I Hope You Dance (Lee Ann Womack)

2001 Cool Change (Jan.) When Hell Freezes Over ( Rich Mccready) - Easy Huh? (Jan.) Claudette (Dwight Yoakum) - Move It Or Lose It (Jan.) Turn Me Loose & Let Me Swing (Willie Nelson) - Too Late Now (Jan.) They Always Look Better When They're Leavin' (Becky Hobbs) - Two Shades Of Blue (Mar.) Two Shades Of Blue (Suzy Bogguss & Chet Atkins) - Cash On The Barrelhead (Apr.) Cash On The Barrelhead (Dolly Parton) - Sometimes (May) Comes From The Heart (Kathy Mattea) - Who I Am (May) Meat & Potato Man (Alan Jackson) - Wasting Time (May) Time Spent Missing You (Dwight Yoakum) - More Blues (June) A World Of Blue (Dwight Yoakum) - Pucker Up (June) Kiss This (Aaron Tippin) - Bad Girls Boogie (July) Good Girls Got To Heaven (Brooks & Dunn) - Promises (July) Stars Over Texas (Tracy Lawrence) - Ten Rounds (Aug.) Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo (Tracy Byrd) - Dance (Sept.) She Came To Dance (Asleep At The Wheel) - Gone Squirrelly (Sept.) Missippi Squirrel Revival (Ray Stevens) - Moonstruck (Sept.) You Have That Effect On Me (Brad Paisley) - Stepping Out (Oct.) So In Love With You (Doug Supernaw) - Soft Lights & Music (Oct.) One Of Those Nights (Rich Mccready) - Don't Stop (Oct.) Cease & Desist (Delbert Mcclinton) - One More Last Chance (Oct.) One More Last Chance (Cleve Francis) - Chasing My Tail ( Dec.) Going Nowhere (Wynonna) - Ready To Fly (Dec.) New Day ( Wynonna)

2002 Pink Toenails (Jan.) - Pink Toenails (Dixie Chicks) - Head Over Heels (Jan.) Hallelujah I Love Him So (Dixie Chicks) - Simply Samba ( Mar.) Manana (is good enough for me) (Peggy Lee) - Blame It On Mexico (Apr.) Blame It On Mexico (Tyler England) - One Song (May) One Song ( John Berry) - West Texas Waltz (June) West Texas Waltz (Joni Harms) - Zydeco Rhythm (July) New Orleans Is A Mighty Good Town (Eddy Raven w/Buckwheat Zydeco) - Your Love Amazes Me (July) Your Love Amazes Me (Andy Childs or Tanya Tucker) - New Western Waltz (July) - Some Fools (Skip Ewing) - Latin Rhythms (Nov.) Today (Raul Malo)

2003 Bye Bye Baby (Oct.) Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Travis Tritt) - Come And Get It (w/Roxanne Kumre) (Aug) Who's Your Daddy? (Toby Keith) - Fiddling Around (Apr.) Old Time Fiddle (Vince Gill) - Honky Tonk (Aug.) Honk If You Honky Tonk (George Strait) - Losing The Blues (May) Back In The Swing Of Things (Rich McCready) - One Good Love (May) One Good Love (Rich McCready) - One Horse Town (Apr.) Nobody Gets Off In This Town (Garth Brooks) - Playing With Fire (Mar.) Fighting Fire With Fire (Davis Daniel) - Stumblin' and Fallin'  I Said I Love You (Raul Malo) - Thrill Me (Or Else!) (w/Roxanne Kumre) (Aug.) Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (Gloria Estefan) - Winter Waltz (June) My Hat's Off To Him (Doug Stone) - When I Close My Eyes (Aug.) When I Close My Eyes (Rhonda Vincent)

2004 Rescue Me (Apr.) Rescue Me (Wynonna) - Rough Diamond (Apr.) Old Chunk Of Coal (Jason McCoy) - Waltzing & Waiting (Mar.) I'll Never Say Goodbye (Dolly Parton) - Rain Dance (May) Songs About Rain (Gary Allan) - One Night (Mar) One Night (Eric Heatherley) - Hot Flushes (June) Louisiana Hot Sauce (Joni Harms) - True Love (June) You Still Do It For Me (Jason McCoy) - Groovin' (Apr.) When The Sun Goes Down (Kenny Chesney & Uncle Cracker) - Mambo Mambo (Sept.) Papa Loves Mambo (Perry Como) - First Love (Sept.) I've Never Gone This Far Before (Sammy Kershaw) Falling Down (Sept.) All Fall Down (Bekka Bramlett) - Buena Sera (Oct.) Buena Sera (Michael Buble) - Nobody Like You (Oct.) I Ain't Never (Rosie Flores & The Jordanaires)

2005 Bluegrass Waltz (May) The Grass Is Blue (Dolly Parton) - The Last Dance (May) Save The Last Dance For Me (Michael Buble) - Michael's Two-Step (Sept.) Dance With The One That Brought You (Shania Twain) - Somebody Help Me! (Oct.) Jump In The Line (The Cherry Poppin' Daddies) -


2007 Thirsty Work (Feb) My Best Drinkin' (Mark Chestnut) - Can't Let Go (Feb) I Can't Let Go (Vince Gill w/Allison Krauss & Dan Tyminski) No. 171 (May) Love (Michael Buble) - Foolish (Sept) Now and Then There's A Fool Such As I (Raul Malo) - Crying Time (Sept) It Only Hurts Me When I Cry (Raul Maol) - I Won't Dance (Sept) I Won't Dance (Jane Monheit & Michael Buble) - Old Fashioned Waltz (Sept) Honky Tonk Saturday Night (George Strait); Just Pretend (Sept) Don't Pretend With Me (Vince Gill); - Cuban Hips (Dec) Cuban Pete (Tito Puente) - Perfidia (Dec) Perfidia (Linda Ronstadt) - All I Want (Dec) I Don't Want To Say Goodbye (Teddy Thompson)

Terry Hogan was busy end of September 2007 in Australia coming out of RETIREMENT ...
Getting over the fence at the retirement village was the tough part - after that everything just seemed to fall into place!!!
The reality was actually a little different, and I have to admit to some nervousness for my first workshop in over a year. Just trying to remember 5 new dances is enough at the best of times I think, but being a bit out of practice and not having tried any of them out on a floor larger than my living room made it a bit more daunting. Seeing lots of 'old' faces' and ex-students did help to relieve the anxiety however, and make it an enjoyable experience.
The event in question was a Masquerade themed social and workshops were I was co-instructor for two workshops arranged by instructor, choreographer (and ex-student) Brett Jenkins, who now runs classes in many parts of Brisbane. The workshops (classed as Easy & Advanced Intermediate) were both well attended, although there were certainly more at the advanced workshop and although there were mainly different faces at each, I have to compliment those who managed to survive both and learn a total of 10 dances during the day - that's dedication (or obsession) for you!

Easy workshop: Terry taught Foolish to Raul Maol and Old Fashion Waltz to George Strait.
Advanced workshop: He got "to inflict"
I Won't Dance (his favourite), Crying Time to Raul Maol and Just Pretend to Vince Gill. Brett taught: I Told You So and Learning From You.
*** Terry sent his files to me early September with my promise of no release until after his workshop ...IF you learned the dance No. 172 from Mel ...you now have the files you need!!!
***My email says instructors are teaching theses dances with good response.
Terry will be teaching a workshop w/Brett come January 2008 ...his students ARE SO LUCKY!!!

2008 On the Corner (Jan) Down on the Corner (Dwight Yoakum) - Lost & Found (Jan) Let's Get Lost (Ray Benson) - Skip A Beat (Feb) My Heart Skips A Beat (Dwight Yoakum) - Looking Back (Apr) It Was Me (George Strait) Sand and Sea (Apr) Laid Back 'n Low Key (Alan Jackson) Lonesome (June) The Lonesomes (Dolly Parton)